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Latest Episodes…

  1. Pandemic Diaries 2.5 - The Vaccine Episode

    It’s all things Vaccine! We talk with two health care workers who were among the first in West Seattle to be vaccinated. Also Grandma’s vaccine experience, my trip inside a vaccine center, and a visit with a volunteer from the Luman Field mass vaccination site. ...


  2. Pandemic Diaries 2.4 - "So Much Love From the Neighborhood"

    We chat with Alex from The Missing Piece about the new board game cafe and what it’s like to open during the pandemic. Also vaccine talk with grandma and grandpa. Theme music from audionautix.com ...


  3. Pandemic Diaries 2.3 - "It Was Heartbreaking"

    A chat with Endolyne Joe’s owner Peter Levy and a look at our family’s holiday food traditions. Theme music from audionautix.com ...


  4. Pandemic Diaries 2.2 - "Give Some Grace"

    A look at the pandemic school year with Arbor Heights 1st Grade teacher Adam Kratz.   Theme music from audionautix.com ...


  5. Pandemic Diaries 2.1 - "You Felt Like Family There"

    A look at the West Seattle bar & restaurant scene during pandemic with West Seattle bartender Persia Saffaie. ...